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About Our Optical Laboratory


With a refreshing approach to Customer Service.

We have been established for over 40 years, with glazing facilitates on site. All of our fully trained lab technicians are more than happy and capable to offer advice on all of the high quality lenses we have to offer. 

We also offer an in-house Glazing Service or can Provide an Uncut Service depending on which you prefer on all of our lenses available.

90% of all jobs completed in 24 hours. Courier Service Available.

Rimless Glazing, Wrap - Around Glazing, Supras, Complex Prescriptions.

Specialising where other can't

Specialise in Rimless Glazing, all types of Wrap - Around Frames,

Supras & Complex Prescriptions.

Multiple Shape Changes for Rimless Glasses. 

•Including Unique Designs.

Increasing or decreasing lens depth and width. 

•Ideal for Supra's and Rimless

Access to over 8000 Shapes including Lindberg, Minima, Silhouette & Tag. 

Milling tool

•Used on hi prescriptions or AR coating reducing the slip. 

•The ability to glaze prescriptions over +/- 25DS 

See some of our Examples Here

Discover the difference with our Freeform Technology!

Own Freeform Dual Surface Progressive Lens

· Rips Progressive***

Suitability; For px's requiring a good Freeform progressive lens solution, with good all round vision. Good swap from longer corridor progressive designs or where good intermediate vision is a priority.

Features; Dual Surface progressive, Addition split between front and back surface

Benefit; Shorter eye rotation giving comfortable interaction between all distances, Wide intermediate and near vision zones, Reduced swim/sway & improved width of vision for mid-range use.

14/11mm progression length & available in 14/18mm minimum fitting height.

· Elder Progressive**

Suitability; Ideal for patients wearing longer corridor digital or mid-range designs,

Features; Front surface progressive with digital optimisation Distortion correction

Benefit; Fast, comfortable transition from distance to near Good fields of vision, particularly astigmatic prescriptions with good intermediate zone

11/15mm progression length & available in 14/18mm minimum fitting height.

· Aves Progressive*

Suitability; Budget choice for px's wearing harder design progressives or where an emphasis on DV and NV is needed in a longer progression.

Features Entry level front surface digitally surfaced progressive. Base curve optimised for each prescription.

Benefit; Wide distance zone and improved continuity of design.

11/15mm progression length & available in 14/18mm minimum fitting height.  

 Additions 0.75 to 3.50 ** Also available in HMC CC (Back Surface HMC)  

Our Freeform Occupational Lens


Our Freeform Occupational lens provides exceptional intermediate and reading performance compared to standard progressive designs. 

Giving WIDER FIELDS and MORE NATURAL vision for your patients. 

Our own Label freeform occupational provides exceptional intermediate and reading performance compared to standard progressive designs. 

• Great for occupations such as office workers, musicians, doctors and in addition hobbyists. 

• Optimised by back surface Freeform technology, the lenses are available in two designs: 

Indoor 400 offers wide intermediate and near vision with a functional area at the top of the  lens for occasional distance vision.

Indoor 200 offers an extra wide intermediate and near vision ideal for more involved  intermediate and close work.

Both designs have a minimum fitting height of 18mm 

For a Full Price List for Glazed & Uncut Services please Contact us! 

We are always on hand and happy to help!